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OpenEMR Services

OpenEMR Services

Deployment & Adoption

We provide deployment & adoption services for OpenEMR for on-premise as well as cloud based setups. We are experienced in Linux as well as Windows based deployments and have helped clinics with legacy data migration as well as migration of existing on-premise installations to the cloud.

Customization & New Features

We are experienced in both customization of existing OpenEMR features as well as devloping new features and modules within the OpenEMR framework. A few examples of customizations are layout based forms, custom forms, change in workflows, addition of new fields to workflows, automating billing and A/R processing while some new features that we developed are Add Row feature in layout based forms, new Reports module, setting up integration listeners for mutliple applications, etc.

Support & Maintenance

With experience in providing support and annual maintenance services to clients in the USA, Africa and India, we have an excellent team with high availability and low turn-around-time, a perfect combination for support services. We are experienced in maintaining virtual cloud-based servers on AWS, Google Cloud as well as HP Cloud, and have skilled resources for both application maintenance & system maintenance. Automated back-up services are included in our AMC.


We have been working with OpenEMR since 2015 and have 4+ years of experience. From the OpenEMR frontend to the database, our team is skilled in all nuances of the application, making us the ideal fit for any OpenEMR adoption & customization project.

At Kovid, we have worked on nearly all the modules and features of OpenEMR. We have worked on layout based forms, custom forms, custom Reports module, Add Row feature in layout based forms, customization in patient registration, billing & custom patient portal.

Our experience with integrating third party applications with OpenEMR have enabled us to provide a seamless experience in clinic management for our clients. We have worked on integrating apps like WebPT, OfficeAlly, etc. to automate the integration.


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